• Sunday Morning Sermon - Live Stream - 10am
  • Coronavirus - Our Response
  • A look at the different themes in the book of Proverbs
  • Sonshine Club (VBS) will be on July 6-10th The theme is Rocky Railway. Save the date for your kids!!
  • PRAYER AND PRAISE For governments . . to make wise decisions *** For health care professionals . . on the front lines *** For kids and youth . . studying from home *** For the sick and the elderly . . that God would heal & protect *** For our churches . . to reach out & make use of new opportunities *** For God’s sovereign will . . to be fulfilled among the nations *** For families . . dealing with loss of income and coping with isolation.
  • PASTORAL CARE You are cared for and loved! If you need additional support or pastoral care during this pandemic, please leave a message in the church office voicemail at 519) 846-1001 or email office@almabiblechurch.org and we will make sure one of our pastoral staff reaches out to you. Of course, you can also connect with any of our staff members directly by email through our staff page.
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