The Elders and Church staff of Alma are keeping really busy. With so much having changed over the past few weeks, we are doing our best to adjust.

We have in place a number of goals that we are hoping to achieve. These include the following:

1.Elder Communication
Each of the elders are working to contact as many people as they can. Your patience with them would be much appreciated as they already have so many other responsibilities on their plate.

2. Annual Business Meeting
There was to be a business meeting at the end of March. The board of elders are trying to work out the details as to how we will move forward while being compliant as a charity with Corporations Canada.  They are looking at all options for holding a meeting, or potentially delaying until the state of emergency is over.  We hope to have more news shortly on this.

3. Pastoral Communication
Pastor Luke and Pastor Mark are working to try and speak on the phone with every single family that calls Alma Bible Church home. We are finding that people are really enjoying these conversations. With all the families we have that call Alma home it may take some time.

4. Sunday Morning Worship
We are working to improve the online worship experience. We have already made some improvements, but in the process have discovered new issues. Following Easter Sunday, we have the following issues that we are trying to resolve:

a. improve lighting
b. fix sound issues
c. improve video quality
d. increase number of YouTube subscribers – the more subscribers we get the more features YouTube will offer us. The more features we are offered, the better online experience we can then provide.
e. speaker needs to smile more, stutter less, hold his head straight, not close his eyes as much, etc.

5. Community
We are looking for ways to further enhance the sense of community knowing that we can’t meet together in the church building.
– Youth are holding online gatherings
– At least one Life Group has begun to meet online
– could we do more interviews/testimonies?
– could we include some pre-recorded video of people in some way?
– do you have other suggestions?

6. Online Presence
The church staff are working hard to keep our main website ( up to date and ensure that all the latest info is available online. This includes updates on where we are as a church with regards to the pandemic, a Sunday morning resource page each week, devotionals to help and encourage you etc. The effort is evolving as we learn and as we receive more and more feedback.

I would like to say thank you to each and every one of you that considers Alma Bible Church as a source to help in your spiritual growth. We want to do everything that we possibly can to help you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Mark McCready
Senior Pastor