Church News and Prayer Chain Emails

For some time now, we have been aware of an issue where a small number of people have not been receiving our email newsletters. This would include but not be limited to our Church news, the prayer chain and others.  Sadly, it is not consistent one newsletter to the next.

We have been able to verify that email is being sent for all of our subscribers. Where the problem lies is that once sent, a third party filter gets applied to the messages. Some internet companies that provide email check this third party filter to determine if email might be spam. If the company that you get your email account from, checks this filter, then you may have one of two problems. Alma Bible Church newsletters could end up in your spam box or you may not get it at all.

To solve this problem, we ask first off, that you don’t change your email provider just to solve this problem. Rather we would ask that you check any spam/junk mail boxes that your email provider may have set up for you.  As well, we are looking into some other options that we are hoping might solve this problem. We are looking to contact the company that we send all our messages through to see if they can help us. We are also looking into other services that we might be able to switch to in hopes of circumventing this problem.

Either way, we appreciate your patience with us as we try to resolve this issue.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Mark. He will do his best to try and address any concerns you might have.