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Social Distancing And The Bible

by McCready, Mark

A while back a message was sent out to the congregation, opening things up for people to submit questions in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.   One of the questions I received in response, and a frequent topic of conversation, centers around social distancing. Here is the question: The government is asking people to keep their […]

Called To Compassion

by McCready, Mark

You may have heard by now that in the few days following the announcement of closures and the declaration of the ‘state of emergency’ that there was a run on some of the basic necessities at the grocery store. People were rushing in and hoarding some of the basics like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. […]

Keeping In Touch

by McCready, Mark

As we continue to be impacted by the growing spread of the coronavirus, Luke and I have been chatting about what we can do to help support us as a ‘local church community’. We have been thinking and talking about a number of things, but one thing that has become very clear is that online […]

Fear vs Faith

by McCready, Mark

So, I am supposed to be in Michigan with my wife and kids spending time with extended family. Before I was able to drive away, I heard some major announcements on the radio that made me second guess the wisdom of traveling.   So, instead, here we are.  My wife, two daughters and I are cooped […]